Healthy Options

Gluten Free Tuesday's

Every Tuesday between 4.30pm and 7.30pm in the evening, we prepare gluten free fish and chips in addition to regular fish and chips.

If you require gluten free food, then please let us know when you place your order with us and we’ll take care of your order.

Several years ago we recognised that many customers who suffer from Coeliac’s disease were unable to enjoy fish and chips. That was simply unacceptable to us, so we decided to create a gluten free menu especially for customers who suffer with Coeliac’s disease on one evening of each week.

In order to guarantee gluten free food we:-

  • Empty and thoroughly clean all our fryers and pans.
  • Use separate utensils to serve our gluten free fish and chips.
  • Refill all our fryers with fresh new cooking fats.
  • Train all our fryers and servers to handle and prepare gluten free food.
  • Make all batter from rice flour.

All of these measures are specifically in place to ensure that our award winning fish and chips are Coeliac friendly.

So whether you decide to eat in our Restaurant, or take-away your food, we can guarantee that your Tuesday evening meal will be gluten free.